It's a beautiful day on Jeddore Harbour and K.C., just up from a cozy puppy nap, has ventured outside. He can see the seagulls gliding gracefully in the cool ocean breezes. If they came a little closer he could grab one of them by the tail feathers and have a little fun.

Ah, it's Jack the fighting, biting cat, a worthy opponent for a roll in the snow. He challenges her to a fight. He growls and yips, "You can't scare me with that evil stare!. Run you scarty cat!" She turns on him, hissing, and smacks him across his little black nose with a swipe of her paw. He scampers to the front door and hides in Wahtee's sweater. He yips at Jack, "Try and get me now you big hairball!"

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