Eddie LePage was born and raised in Dundas, Ontario. This renowned and self-taught Metis artist now resides in Peterborough, Ontario. LePage's prints and originals are part of collections as far away as Japan, Europe and Australia. Eddie is a self-taught artist whose works have been called "a gift of the soul". He has a deep passion for nature and spends much time outdoors. It is in the quiet woods or countryside that the magic of his art is conceived. Print editions have been made from several of his original works by Bradford Art Plates Ltd.

Both works shown on this site were done in 1989.

"Little Indian Boy with Hawk" measures 12" x 16" and is acrylic on art board.

"In Search Of" measures 16' x 20" and comes with a signed appraisal from Eddie dated January 22, 1989, stating, "Value of painting for insurance $8,000".



Untitled 1989
12" x 16" (approx.)
$3,300 Cdn




Eddie LePage First Nations Native Artist Eddie LePage